Another End of the Year Post: Goodbye, 2015!

Well, it’s been a pretty great year for me, and I hope you can say the same for yours. While every year comes with its share of highs and lows, 2015 definitely tipped the scale on highs. As it’s the season of reflection, I thought I’d share a few of them.

By the Titles

Two titles changed this year: the blog’s title and my job title.

Last month, I renamed this blog The Globe Turner. Then, about a month before that, I left my 9-5, started up my own business, and am now a full-time freelance writer.

You were a fun ride, 2015.

Change has been the theme of these last three months, and while I’ve been busier than ever, I’m so happy with the new direction that I haven’t minded all the extra hours I’ve been spending in my office. As I settle in and transition to my new normal, I’m looking forward to a more balanced 2016.

By the Numbers

In terms of blog stats, views tripled this year and followers grew by 10x from 2014 — making me a very happy blogger. I wrote 76 posts this year, and spent one month blogging almost every day and twelve days reflecting on this year’s travel memories.

I also calculated some of my travel statistics. In 2015, here’s what I did:

  • Boarded 16 planes.
  • Traveled to 21 cities. New locations included Italy; New Orleans, Louisiana; Richmond, Virginia; and Pacific Beach, Washington (both locations coming soon). Old favorites included Atlanta, Asheville, Chattanooga, Athens, Olympia (Wash.), and Augusta (Ga.).
  • Spent a total of 52 nights away from home! Including vacations, weekend getaways, weddings, and some work travel.

52 nights! I admit that it surprised me. While it’s certainly not professional traveler status, 14% of the year spent away from home made for a lot of travel memories in 2015.

To 2016, and To You, My Dear Reader


Overall, 2015 was a year of wonder and excitement, and I’m thankful for the many opportunities it brought.

Tomorrow I’ll be talking a little bit about what 2016 will hold. You can expect to see The Globe Turner live up to its name, with more posts about traveling and reading and how the two connect. I’m also hoping to do more guest posts (like this one) so if you’re interested in collaborating, let me know.

And finally, this blog would be nothing without its readers, a fact I’ve spoken of before, but one that bears repeating. Thank you to my faithful readers and commenters — not only do I enjoy hearing from you here on my blog, I love connecting with you on other blogs, on social media, and in the real world. The blogging community has been more welcoming and fun than I ever would have guessed, so thanks for making the internet awesome.


Cheers to you and to 2016!

How was your 2015? Tell me something about your year: your favorite trip, your proudest moment, or maybe some philosophical insight.



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