About the Editor

kaitlin-in-nycI’m Kaitlin Throgmorton, and I’m Booked & Ready’s editor and primary author.

A Writer, Always

First and foremost, I’m a writer. It sounds cheesy, but I really am in my happy place when my fingers fly over a keyboard. Whether writing a novel, a news article, a press release, a blog — even a short email or tweet, I’m inspired by the power of language. My love for writing has led me many places, from journalism to marketing to communications to public relations (and of course to this blog and most recently, freelance writing), and I trust it will continue to take me on exciting journeys.

A Traveler Who Loves the Journey

Booked & Ready came to be because traveling is one of my favorite things. Whether it’s a quick weekend road-trip or a lengthy getaway to a foreign country, I thrive on the constant adventure that travel always is. One of the things I love most about travel is seeing life through another perspective. I travel to learn and to discover new things about myself and others.

I enjoy traveling every step of the way: daydreaming, planning, booking, arriving, exploring, departing, and reminiscing. This blog mostly explores the final stage of the journey, but I love to talk about it all!

What Else?

My idea of a perfect day is either being curled up with a good book or going outside to explore. I’ll read just about anything and go just about anywhere–and those are the two main themes of this blog.

When I’m not traveling, I live in Seattle, Washington, with my husband and our cat, Tahki. Both my husband and I love to cook, and we spend a lot of our free time in the kitchen. We’re both football fans, and we made a deal when we got married that he’d pull for my team, the Georgia Bulldogs, and I’d pull for his, the Seattle Seahawks. Whenever it’s not football season, we’re outside if the weather’s pretty and inside watching Netflix when it’s not.


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