3 Checks on the Bucket List (#12DaysOfTravel, Day 2)

For quite a few years now, I’ve had an informal bucket list. Things like, “see the pyramids” and “go to Iceland.” But this year, partly because I’ve gotten more serious about travel and partly because of this blog, I finally created an official bucket list. A handful I’d already done, but the rest are for future travels. Since I was choosy about what went on the list — … Continue reading 3 Checks on the Bucket List (#12DaysOfTravel, Day 2)

Theme Park Guide: Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Travel- HPEven though it was years ago, I still remember where I was when I turned the last page of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I had read it in one sitting in my dorm room, staying up all night and skipping class to finish it. I remember closing the book, and then laying down on my bed. A dual sense of satisfaction and loss came over me. The story felt so real, and I was captivated by the magic of Hogwarts in a way that I had never been and have yet to be with a book. The satisfaction was because I knew I had just read one of the great stories of my lifetime, and I knew that I would read it over and over in years to come. The sense of loss came from the emotional ending, but it also came from the understanding that Harry Potter wasn’t real, and I would never get my Hogwarts letter.

Not long after the series came to a close, Universal Studios announced the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Along with every other potterhead out there, I was ecstatic. More than four years after the grand opening of Hogsmeade in Orlando, I finally made it.

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Top 5 Screen Actors for Books Made Into Movies

A few days ago, Heather over at bitsnbooks tagged me to write a post on my favorite screen characters. This challenge has evolved, since Heather was originally tagged by someone who listed their top 10 screen characters, and then Heather narrowed it down to her top 10 book characters on screen.

Since I don’t watch a lot of movies (or much television) and since quite a few of my favorite book characters have yet to make it to the big screen, I split up my list into five favorite book-to-movie actors and five favorite book characters I’d like to see on the big screen.

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