3 Favorite Things About Atlanta

This September, I’ve covered Chicago, New York, and Seattle — focusing on major American cities for Wanderlust Wednesday this month. Though it wasn’t intentional, I picked one location from the east coast, west coast, and the midwest. And now we’re going south to the Empire City of the South: Atlanta. Atlanta has won its way into my heart over the past few years. Born and raised in … Continue reading 3 Favorite Things About Atlanta

Throwback to our Canadian Honeymoon: Nova Scotia’s Cape Breton

Continuing with the parks theme this month, I couldn’t resist a throwback to my honeymoon in Nova Scotia, Canada. A few shots of Cape Breton was all it took for my then-fiance to convince me that we should abandon the sunny beaches of traditional honeymoons for the cooler, craggier coast of Nova Scotia. Our week and a half there was remote, romantic, adventurous — and we couldn’t have asked for … Continue reading Throwback to our Canadian Honeymoon: Nova Scotia’s Cape Breton

City Guide: Spokane

Spokane, Washington, is the home of my husband’s alma mater, Whitworth University, and while we were dating, I visited him there several times. But all my past visits ushered in multiple feet of snow, so seeing Spokane in the summer was like visiting a different city. This time, we were in town for another wedding, the occasion for many of our trips in 2014.

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