An Accidental Literary Adventure in Paris and London – Guest Post from Heather Croxon

My recent trip to Europe turned into an accidental literary adventure. While planning my holiday, I had selected one bookshop in each of the cities I was visiting – Paris and London – to make some unneeded book purchases, but in the end just about everywhere I visited had some sort of literary significance.

I share everything from world famous landmarks like the Louvre to hidden gems like The Hunterian Musuem that you might never have heard of. But every single one has something special to offer. Continue reading An Accidental Literary Adventure in Paris and London – Guest Post from Heather Croxon

B is for Books

Because without books, I’m nowhere.

Before I had any idea how much fun travel could be, I was going on adventures every day by reading. And no matter how many amazing places I see in the world, there’s nothing like a great book’s ability to take you to somewhere you’ve never been. And for me as a writer, the book is the inspiration and the aspiration, something to look towards.

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Three books I loved in 2014: Honor's Lark, The Book Thief, and Republic.

The Best of What I Read in 2014

In 2014, I read 23 books, almost making it to an average of 2 books a month. Like last year, I wanted to share some of my favorites, but unlike last year, I’m only highlighting a few of them. I made one-liner descriptions for the rest of what I read at the end of this post, which might be my new style of reviews since it was so fun to do.

And The Favorite Is: The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

My favorite book of last year was The Book ThiefContinue reading “The Best of What I Read in 2014”

What I Read in 2013

Since graduating from college, I have mostly succeeded in my commitment to read more books. While an English major, I struggled to complete the pile of books I was assigned to read each semester, much less make room for any additional “fun” reading. I’ve been getting better at reading more (and by that I mean, making time for reading more), and this year is probably … Continue reading What I Read in 2013