Eating My Way Through New Orleans

A month ago, I wrote about my time in New Orleans, talking about classic highlights like Bourbon Street and streetcars, along with some lesser-known finds like the Pharmacy Museum. But I had so much to share with you in that post that I promised a separate one on the food, and here it is. Food is such an important part of traveling for me, and one … Continue reading Eating My Way Through New Orleans

My Top Ten Meals of 2015 (#12DayOfTravel, Day 10)

So far in this 12 Days of Travel series, I’ve talked about my top items of the year that I checked off my bucket list and I posted about my favorite fictional finds of the year. Now it’s time to talk about my real love: food. Most people who love travel also love food. A nearly inextricable part of traveling, eating is often one of the best parts of … Continue reading My Top Ten Meals of 2015 (#12DayOfTravel, Day 10)

City Guide: Savannah and Charleston

If you remove the oppressive humidity from the memory of this trip, it might be one of my favorites of the summer. Alas, you cannot have southern beaches in the summer without humidity and sky-high temperatures, so we spent a good deal of time ducking from one air-conditioned building to the next, but it was still a good time.

My husband had not yet been to Savannah or Charleston and as many of my childhood beach memories revolve around those two places, it was time to visit. The two cities are so iconically southern, and I was excited to spend some time in areas with such rich culture.

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