Travel in 2013, Part 2

In Travels in 2013, Part 1, I covered where we went in the first part of the year, and now I’m covering the second half, which was just as fun, if not more so.

View our travels by location, rather than chronological order:

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Travel in 2013, Part 1

There are a few reasons why I felt inspired to talk about where we traveled last year.

  1. We traveled almost every month in 2013, sometimes two to three times in a month!
  2. As I haven’t posted an album to Facebook since 2012, I thought this might appease the few who enjoy our travel photos.
  3. We got a lot of Christmas cards and letters this season, and they were quite enjoyable. This is my way of doing “the letter.”

In the order that they were visited, I present 2013’s list of travel highlights!

And if you don’t want to view them in order, you can view them by location (just click whichever one you want to see).

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