F is for Fears

I was recently asked the question: what are your writing fears? And the answer wasn’t quite what I expected. It was just something I wrote down as the first idea that came into my head, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized it’s probably my biggest one.

I fear that I write too much for myself. That what I write is really just for me and won’t resonate with others. Continue reading “F is for Fears”

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My Roundabout Path to the Title of ‘Writer’

I recently updated my about page on this blog to start with the following:

“Kaitlin identifies first and foremost as a writer, and is often happiest when she can let her fingers fly over a keyboard. Whether she’s writing a novel, a news article, a press release, a blog, or just an email or a tweet, she is inspired by the power of language. Kaitlin’s love for writing has led her many places, from journalism to marketing to communications to public relations (and of course to this blog), and she expects it will continue to take her on exciting journeys, even if they’re only in the world of her own stories.”

It’s practically dreamy, and it’s safe to say my relationship with writing is pretty starry-eyed these days.

But it wasn’t always this way.

Continue reading “My Roundabout Path to the Title of ‘Writer’”