Winning NaNoWriMo

I did it. I won NaNoWriMo!

I wrote 50,035 words, and I did it in the span of 30 days. And honestly, it doesn’t feel real yet. Even though I’ve scrolled through all of that text — all the good and the bad, the parts I love and hate. Even though I know that quite a few hours of my November were spent writing, I’m still in awe. Me? The procrastinator? The “I don’t write fiction” girl? The one who used to say “I don’t have time to write”? The same person who frantically wrote 15K just this weekend because I wanted to win? Yep. That girl. Somewhere, somehow, and quite possibly by magic, I did it.

Now, in all reality, I know that it wasn’t by magic. And even though I was never once on par until the last day when I won, I know I wrote all of those words by sitting down and deciding I would.

Still, I’m going to bask in the feeling of “wow” for a few more days. And get some sleep. And ponder the magic of NaNo. And take a few weeks to not think about that draft I wrote, to take a step back, before it’s time to do some heavy revisions.kaitlinwinner

Soon though, I’ll be back to writing. Two years in a row now, NaNo has left me with this paradoxical feeling of passion and weariness. I simultaneously feel like I could write all of the things I’ve ever wanted to write and like I never want to write again. But, much like I pushed through the hard days in November, it won’t be long before I’m back with new blogs.

Coming soon: there will be some introspection on NaNo (of course!) as well as writing in general, and I’ve also got a slew of travel blogs that I’m itching to put up, so stay tuned.

And to all of you who were on the NaNoWriMo journey with me last month, congratulations! Win or lose, you sat down and wrote some words, which is more than what you had before, and that’s what NaNo’s all about. Now, go take a nap!


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