A-Z Challenge Theme Reveal

As I announced in this post last week, I’m doing the A-Z Challenge next month, or rather, starting next week.

Yesterday, a whole bunch of participants announced their themes, and I just didn’t make it in time. So here’s my theme reveal…a day late. Hopefully, tardiness will not be the real theme of this challenge.

My theme is … ADVENTURE! 

And yes, I used an image of a hot air balloon for the feature on this post, because talking about adventure inevitably reminds me of a scene from one of my favorite movies, UP, when Ellie says “Adventure is out there.” Like Ellie, I tend to believe that adventure is lurking around every corner.

A love of adventure is something that drives many endeavors, and it’s the motivation and joy behind the two things this blog is about: writing and traveling. Each of my posts from A-Z will explore some aspect of how writing or travel (or both) is an adventure. I won’t list out each post, but you can expect some posts on writing craft and process, a few on travel trends and tips, and things that are relevant to both writing and travel, like books.

And, I’ll be talking more about what adventure means to me in my April 1st post, as that post will be on “A is for Adventure.”

Want to learn more about the A-Z Challenge? You can still sign up if you’re interested!


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