Not Your Everyday History Lesson: New Orleans Pharmacy Museum

This month, I’m going to be focusing on weird and wonderful places. Though I missed last week (whoops), I hope you’ll enjoy this collection of random and eclectic places I’ve been.

Up first is a city I can’t wait to do a full post on, New Orleans. I recently visited there for the first time this summer and loved it more than I expected!

One weird and wonderful place I found was the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum. Full of old-school apothecary implements and history, this museum will both fascinate and terrify you — and probably make you thankful that you live in the era of modern medicine. It’s also located on the site of one of the oldest pharmacies in the country, making it a very fitting tribute to historical medicine.

And don’t miss the guided tour. I only came in for the last fifteen minutes, but was enthralled with what were once considered standard pharmaceutical practices. I wish I could have heard the full commentary!

If you’ve got an hour or so to spare in NOLA, steer away from Bourbon Street and step inside this unusual museum. 

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