The Globe Turner is Official!

For those of you who have been particularly observant, you might have noticed a few changes around the blog. Recently, the name changed to The Globe Turner, and the web address to

So this is the official announcement! This blog is now The Globe Turner. 

What’s that about, you ask?

A little history

Years ago, when I was a senior in college, I started experimenting with blogging, posting mostly random things every now and then. Then I graduated, and instead of continuing with that (not-well-kept-up) blog, I started a portfolio website and a recipe blog. I kept up neither, until about three years ago, when I decided to do National Novel Writing Month for the first time. That event pushed me into writing like never before, and I started blogging about writing and occasionally, about travel.

More travel, more fun

My husband and I have traveled a lot since we got married, and the more I talked about travel on this blog, the more it seemed to be what I liked the most and what resonated with readers. Particularly this past April, when I did the A-Z challenge, some of the most popular posts were the ones that talked about exploration, like U is for Urban and L is for Local. Over most of this year, travel or adventure has been just about all I’ve blogged about. So the more I thought about it, the more I became convinced that I wanted to stick with that route. (Travel pun intended.)

world is a bookOne of my favorite travel quotes is the one attributed to St. Augustine that says, “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” I thought about how much I love a good page turner, and I thought about that quote, and I realized I had a great blog name: The Globe Turner. I see the globe as something to keep turning and exploring, much like the pages of a book. And since I love books so much, why not keep them in the mix of things I talk about on the blog?

The Globe Turner is now official

And so my idea for The Globe Turner was born…and I plan for this blog to be about “Destinations Real & Literary.” For the most part, I’ll focus on places I travel to along with tips about what to see and do — but I’ll also do features on literary destinations, great bookstores, and the occasional book that features cool destinations, whether they be real or fictional.

I hope you’ll stick around for where The Globe Turner is headed …and thanks so much for being a faithful reader up until now. Keep on adventuring!


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