6 Favorite Fictional Finds of 2015 (#12DaysofTravel, Day 5)

These past few years have definitely ignited a love of literary travel, which is part of the inspiration for this blog.

Whether it’s a bookstore, an author home, a literary museum, or a recreated book-to-movie film set, I’m always up for literary adventures of any kind.

#1. Hunt Library in Raleigh, North Carolina


How I went four years in this city without knowing about this place still baffles me. But I finally made it inside, and the James B. Hunt, Jr. Library at North Carolina State University has quickly become one of my favorite places to write. Always free, always inspirational.

#2. Libreria Acqua Alta in Venice, Italy


It’s hardly every day that you find waterfront, much less canal-side, bookstores. Venice’s Libreria Acqua Alta offers that unique experience, with books in bathtubs and gondolas. An unusual, fun find.

#3. The Poe Museum in Richmond, Virginia


About a month ago, I visited the The Poe Museum in Richmond, Virginia. Edgar Allen Poe grew up in Richmond, and while his childhood home burned down, the museum houses many of his personal belongings, writings, and other pieces of interest. Plus, two black rescue cats roam the place — of course.

#4. Letters Bookshop in Durham, North Carolina


Relatively new, Letters masterfully blends nerdy and classy. They also sell a great mix of new and used books, and their used books are in great condition. This bookshop is a welcome addition to downtown Durham, for sure!

#5. Chop Suey Books in Richmond, Virginia


As wacky and fun as the bookstore name suggests, Chop Suey Books in Richmond is two stories worth of books packed wall to wall — so much to browse through! The staff were also so friendly and helpful, something that makes bookshops that much more wonderful.

#6.District 13 Woods in Sweetwater, Georgia


While in Atlanta earlier this year, I hiked Sweetwater Creek State Park, and checked out the remains of a textile mill along the trail that was also part of the film set in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1. When Gale and Katniss leave District 13 to hunt above ground, they rest inside this mill, with the creek running in the background. Hunger Games fan or no, though, Sweetwater is a beautiful place to get some fresh air and think up ideas.

Fun fact: My hometown of Augusta makes numerous cameos in the Hunger Games series, and I had no idea until recently! The dam that features in most panoramic shots of the Capitol is Thurmond Dam, a place I spent much of my childhood around.

What about you? Have you been on any literary adventures this year? Tell me about them in the comments!

This is day 5 in the 12 Days of Travel on The Globe Turner. Stop by tomorrow for day 6 of #12DaysofTravel, a series of travel memories from 2015. There will be a post every day ’til Christmas!



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