Exploring at Home: 5 New Finds in the Triangle (#12DaysOfTravel, Day 11)

As much as I love getting out of town, state, and country to travel, my sense of exploration doesn’t turn off when I’m at home. I’m often surprised that I’m still discovering things where we live, but we do live just outside of North Carolina’s second most populous city, Raleigh. (It’s also the sixth fastest-growing city in the U.S.) New stuff is always popping up, and I’m … Continue reading Exploring at Home: 5 New Finds in the Triangle (#12DaysOfTravel, Day 11)

3 Favorite Things about Asheville

It’s time for another favorite things post, and honestly, I can’t believe I haven’t featured Asheville yet. Whenever I talk about Asheville, I often tell people that when my husband (then-boyfriend) and I were first contemplating a move to this state, Asheville was my main experience of North Carolina. We’d made probably a half-dozen trips to the area when I was young, and I’d always … Continue reading 3 Favorite Things about Asheville

Wanderlust Wednesday: Autumn Colors in the Smokies

For all my complaining over the heat and humidity around here, I start wondering if it’s all worth it when fall rolls around. Autumn in the Smokies will take your breath away. It’s not without good reason that the color changes along the East coast are so famous — and why songs, poems, books (and blog posts) about its scenery will never stop being written. I know I for once will … Continue reading Wanderlust Wednesday: Autumn Colors in the Smokies

Keeping Durham Weird

One of my favorite “weird and wonderful” nearby locations is the city of Durham. We live in the Triangle of North Carolina, which is formed by the cities of Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill, plus a lot of other surrounding cities and suburbs. Though we live in Cary and used to live in Raleigh, Durham remains our favorite city to eat, play, and spend time … Continue reading Keeping Durham Weird

Wanderlust Wednesday, Local Edition: Yates Mill

Welcome to Wanderlust Wednesday! This month, in the spirit of Parks and Recreation Month, I’ve been covering national parks, state parks, parks in other countries, and finally, a park that’s close to home. At the end of each month for Wanderlust Wednesday, I’ll be doing a local edition, focusing on a location close to where I live, which for now means in North Carolina in the United States. Continue reading “Wanderlust Wednesday, Local Edition: Yates Mill”

Travel in 2013, Part 1

There are a few reasons why I felt inspired to talk about where we traveled last year.

  1. We traveled almost every month in 2013, sometimes two to three times in a month!
  2. As I haven’t posted an album to Facebook since 2012, I thought this might appease the few who enjoy our travel photos.
  3. We got a lot of Christmas cards and letters this season, and they were quite enjoyable. This is my way of doing “the letter.”

In the order that they were visited, I present 2013’s list of travel highlights!

And if you don’t want to view them in order, you can view them by location (just click whichever one you want to see).

Continue reading “Travel in 2013, Part 1”