Wanderlust Wednesday: Seattle

Whenever I’m asked to pick a favorite American city, Seattle usually wins. I’ve never lived there permanently, and to be honest, I haven’t visited that many times. Not nearly as much as I’ve visited New York or Atlanta. And yet, ever since I visited it for the first time almost ten years ago, I’ve wanted to live there. (It helps that my husband is from … Continue reading Wanderlust Wednesday: Seattle

3 Favorite Things About New York City

Today is Wanderlust Wednesday, and I’m continuing my series on major American cities (last week was Chicago) with the most quintessentiailly American city of them all: New York, New York. I can’t tell you how hard it was to narrow this list down to three. And I kind of cheated with the last one. But here goes, starting with my absolute favorite thing in New York … Continue reading 3 Favorite Things About New York City

Wanderlust Wednesday: Chicago

For September, my Wanderlust Wednesday posts will be themed around major American cities — mostly inspired by this photo I took in Chicago about six years ago. I’ve always loved the red of the Navy Pier ferris wheel mixed with the blue of the water, and the colorful spirit of the wheel mixed in with the silver, businesslike skyline. Large cities are always a juxtaposition of fun … Continue reading Wanderlust Wednesday: Chicago

Keeping Durham Weird

One of my favorite “weird and wonderful” nearby locations is the city of Durham. We live in the Triangle of North Carolina, which is formed by the cities of Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill, plus a lot of other surrounding cities and suburbs. Though we live in Cary and used to live in Raleigh, Durham remains our favorite city to eat, play, and spend time … Continue reading Keeping Durham Weird

Wanderlust Wednesday: Seattle’s Gum Wall & The Fremont Troll

In keeping with my theme of the weird and the wonderful in travel locations this month, I wanted to talk about two places that keep Seattle funky. Those of you who know me, or anything about where I love to travel, Seattle is high on the list. There are so many reasons why I like Seattle, but the fact that it has no shortage of … Continue reading Wanderlust Wednesday: Seattle’s Gum Wall & The Fremont Troll

Wanderlust Wednesday, Local Edition: Yates Mill

Welcome to Wanderlust Wednesday! This month, in the spirit of Parks and Recreation Month, I’ve been covering national parks, state parks, parks in other countries, and finally, a park that’s close to home. At the end of each month for Wanderlust Wednesday, I’ll be doing a local edition, focusing on a location close to where I live, which for now means in North Carolina in the United States. Continue reading “Wanderlust Wednesday, Local Edition: Yates Mill”

Wanderlust Wednesday: Mount Rainier National Park

Two years ago, I was in one of my favorite places in the U.S. — the Pacific Northwest. It feels traitorous of me to say that, given my Southern roots, but my husband, who is from Olympia, Washington, has converted me into an avid lover of that temperate, misty, beautifully green region. I’m especially in favor of it right about now, when I’m pretty done with … Continue reading Wanderlust Wednesday: Mount Rainier National Park

Wanderlust Wednesday: Tallulah Gorge State Park

I’m featuring parks this July for Wanderlust Wednesday, and today I want to talk about Tallulah Gorge State Park in Georgia, a place we visited about a year ago after visiting Athens for a University of Georgia football game. (Go Dawgs!)   The Georgia State Parks website describes Tallulah as “one of the most spectacular canyons in the eastern U.S.” Two miles long and nearly 1,000 … Continue reading Wanderlust Wednesday: Tallulah Gorge State Park

Throwback to our Canadian Honeymoon: Nova Scotia’s Cape Breton

Continuing with the parks theme this month, I couldn’t resist a throwback to my honeymoon in Nova Scotia, Canada. A few shots of Cape Breton was all it took for my then-fiance to convince me that we should abandon the sunny beaches of traditional honeymoons for the cooler, craggier coast of Nova Scotia. Our week and a half there was remote, romantic, adventurous — and we couldn’t have asked for … Continue reading Throwback to our Canadian Honeymoon: Nova Scotia’s Cape Breton

Wanderlust Wednesday: Grand Canyon National Park

One month ago, my dad started an epic bicycle ride across the country. Just last week, he sent me this awesome picture of himself and his bike, with the Grand Canyon in the background. And that’s where my wanderlust wants me to be today, somewhere wild and free and scenic like the Grand Canyon. Unfortunately, the only time I’ve had the pleasure of visiting, I was … Continue reading Wanderlust Wednesday: Grand Canyon National Park