Wanderlust Wednesday: Chicago

For September, my Wanderlust Wednesday posts will be themed around major American cities — mostly inspired by this photo I took in Chicago about six years ago.


I’ve always loved the red of the Navy Pier ferris wheel mixed with the blue of the water, and the colorful spirit of the wheel mixed in with the silver, businesslike skyline. Large cities are always a juxtaposition of fun and serious, touristy and functional, and this photo captures that. CIMG8905

Unfortunately, I’ve only made two trips to Chicago, and both were very short; neither involved an overnight stay. So, today I’m both reminiscing but also wishing for a more extended visit. For once, I actually made it to a literary landmark — that is, if you consider Veronica Roth’s Divergent series literary — before it was cool for once. And Chicago definitely set this trend of having a huge ferris wheel before it was cool. Nowadays it seems like tons of cities have wheels of some type gracing their skyline.

And right about now, as we ride out the last wave of the hot southern summer, I think I’d be okay with a little snow or that wind the city is so famous for. I’m ready for colder weather, or a trip north!

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2 thoughts on “Wanderlust Wednesday: Chicago

    1. The first time I spent most of a day there, the second time it was only for dinnner. It was before I had done much on-my-own traveling, too, so I really didn’t know a lot about how to explore well. Some day I’ll go back!


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