K is for Kayak

Some of my earliest memories take place near water, and my favorite adventures usually involve some kind of interaction with it. My family owned a boat when I was growing up, and I learned to love all things aquatic at a young age. I’ve manned or been a passenger on many types of watercraft, but I think one of my favorites is one of the most simple, and it’s the kayak. In fact, I think kayaks are one of my favorite ways to travel.

Kayaking in Wilmington.As far as conveyances go, I don’t think kayaks can be rivaled for all that they offer. It’s lightweight, it can go almost anywhere, it’s manpowered so you keep a low footprint and never run out of fuel, they’re easy to learn to use, and with a decent paddler on board, it can move quickly. Kayaks also put you about as close to the water as you can get without actually going for a swim. For ease of exploration, a kayak is just an adventure waiting to happen.

One of my favorite kayaking expeditions is from a trip to Charleston, when we kayaked to watch fireworks on the Fourth of July. In a kayak bedecked with glow sticks, we paddled Folly Creek until we were close enough to the beaches to watch several fireworks shows light up the sky.

Another memory, or group of memories really, is the many times my family has kayaked (or sometimes canoed) the various bodies of water around our hometown, whether it be the lake, the river, or the canal. An afternoon kayak trip is a great way to be alternately lazy and active. Sometimes you float, and sometimes you paddle; sometimes you all talk and laugh, and sometimes you stray off by yourself to check something out.

A final memory is from our honeymoon. A bed and breakfast we stayed at in Nova Scotia offered free kayaks, and we paddled a part of the Bras d’Or Lakes. The lakes connect to the ocean, so they are frigid and full of jellyfish. I’ve never been so content to stay in my boat, but it was a scenic paddle in which we had a large stretch of water all to ourselves. Not to mention it was our honeymoon, and what’s more romantic than a quiet, scenic paddle with someone you love?

If you’re looking for a leisurely, yet still adventurous way to travel, the kayak is the way to go.

Do you have a favorite way to travel? Let me know what it is in the comments!



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