L is for Local

Love of travel starts locally.

Passion for adventure begins in a backyard, on a neighborhood walk, with a bookshelf, when you accidentally discover a new favorite restaurant down the street. Local adventures lead to longings for elsewhere.

Exploring your home turf can happen in many ways — through food, art, history, monuments, and outdoor spaces, to name a few. Some cities even offer “be a tourist in your own town” or “staycation” programs to help you uncover hidden gems where you live.

Kaitlin at the Capitol in Raleigh
It turns out that I take silly pictures whether I’m home or abroad. This was taken at the State Capitol of North Carolina, just a few miles from where I live.

I’m not sure if I ever would have been interested in travel if I wasn’t already curious about the world around me, regardless of where I was. Cultivating an attitude of exploration locally will lead to adventure when you’re abroad. Don’t expect to be an adventurous tourist if you don’t look for adventure in the every day routine at home.

Plus, once you get acquainted with your local area, you’ll know how to bring the world home when you’ve returned from traveling. If you’re a frequent traveler or you want to become one, you’ll probably want to recreate some new experiences you’ve had at home. When I come home from being abroad, I often find myself bringing bits of those places into my life, whether it’s through food or music or some other piece of the culture that I appreciate. I can’t tell you how excited I was to finally — seven years after visiting Spain — find a place that serves great paella. (Now if only I could find a good place around here for ceviche. My recipes never turn out like I had it in Ecuador.) And ever since I returned from Italy, I can’t stop listening to Italian pop and my husband has been planning to perfect his homemade pizza recipe.

Start local, then take your love of adventure on the road!

Do you love to explore at home? What are some of your favorite things to do where you live?

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15 thoughts on “L is for Local

  1. Great post! I can identify with this so much! Glad we can enjoy exploring together and experiencing the local flavor whether it’s Raleigh, Atlanta, or elsewhere!

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  2. I’m actually guilty of being terrible at exploring locally. Back when I lived in London I did far too little travel in the UK and in Europe – or in fact in London itself. Funnily enough moving to Hong Kong made me realise how little I appreciated what I had on my doorstep and I have every intention of going on local adventures once we make it back to the UK.


  3. Great post! I’ve lived here for over ten years and just recently took a walk down by the State Capitol. It was a really nice place to walk, plus I loved going to all of the free museums. 🙂

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    1. Thanks for dropping in — nice to see a co-host here! Atlanta is a fabulous place, as is the surrounding area. I’m actually originally from Georgia, so I love that area. One of my best friends lives in ATL, so I visit her a lot and we love exploring together. If you’re interested, I actually have several travel posts on the area…check them out here: http://kaitlinthrogmorton.com/tag/atlanta. And I have another one coming soon from a recent trip there. Happy exploring!


  4. I hate when you go somewhere and have a great experience (I’m thinking specifically about food in this instance) and when you come home you can’t find anything like it! Bringing home what you’ve learned and your experiences from travel is definitely one of my favorite parts!

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    1. Right? I’ve had that problem with a few things — mostly food, too — although it does help that we live in a pretty large city and the Internet makes it a lot easier to recreate things. 🙂


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