M is for Mythology (And Midway through the Challenge!)

Mythology has always fascinated me. Since first reading Bulfinch’s Mythology in late middle school, I’ve enjoyed reading all types of old stories and legends, from classic Greek and Roman mythology to more obscure mythological traditions like Basque stories to fairy tales and urban legends.

One of my favorite novels, Till We Have Faces by C.S. Lewis, retells the myth of Psyche and Cupid, from the perspective of one of the sisters of Psyche. I’ve also really enjoyed the work of Rick Riordan, both in his Percy Jackson series, based on Greek mythology, and in the Kane Chronicles, based on Egyptian mythology.

I’m also loving the new trend of fairy tales retold, whether it’s in the television series Once Upon a Time or in live-action movies such as Into the Woods or Maleficent. It’s been making me want to go back and read Grimm’s Fairy Tales again, to refamiliarize myself with the tales that are often more horrific (but still intriguing) than they are “fairy” tale.

As I write my own stories, I’m conscious of how much other stories affect what I write, and I think the stories that we have been hearing since we were small play a big part in what we tell when we’re older. I love the familiarity mixed with suspense that arises when we see a story we know become something else entirely. And one day, I hope to write a novel that’s a retelling of some ancient story. There’s something very comforting and yet adventurous about taking a “tale as old as time” and telling it anew.

It’s Midway in the challenge! Hooray!

Also, it’s more than midway through the challenge. If you’re still plugging along, congratulations! I’ve really enjoyed this so far, and it’s been fun to meet so many new bloggers and read so much engaging and creative content. If you’ve found me through the challenge, welcome and thank you for stopping by!

What are your favorite myths and fairy tales? Do you like the classics or the new retellings better?



9 thoughts on “M is for Mythology (And Midway through the Challenge!)

    1. Percy Jackson is a really fun series. If you’re enjoying that, I’d encourage you to check out the Kane Chronicles, too. I like those even more, but some of that could be my preference for Egyptian mythology. Thanks for stopping by! Another co-host visit — I’m flattered! Thanks for helping host this very fun challenge!


  1. I’m like you, I love retold fairytales, and I thought Maleficent was great, but I found Into the Woods really disappointing. I’m actually delving more into classic fairytales and mythology, because although I love mythology and fairytales, my range is actually smaller than I’d like. I haven’t read Till We Have Faces or Bullfinch’s Mythology so I’ve added them to the (ever expanding) reading list. Thanks for the recommendation!

    Oh and peeking at your goodreads menu – are you enjoying Wool? I thought it was a fantastic read!


    1. Bulfinch’s Mythology is a great classic, one of the first popular English collections of Greek mythology in the U.S. It was part of my high school literature curriculum, and I loved it. I still pick it up from time to time to read a story or two or to get a little background on a mythological reference. There have been others since, and I’m reading Bernard Evslin’s Heroes, Gods, and Monsters of the Greek Myths right now, which is an English translation of the classic myths from someone who grew up in Greece learning the myths in Greek, and he felt the current English translations were lacking. I’m loving it so far. As for live-action fairy tale movies, they seem to be hit or miss, but I’m really looking forward to Emma Watson in Beauty and the Beast later this year. Hoping that can’t go wrong with her as the lead!

      I am enjoying Wool so far, although it’s slow-going since I got it out of the Kindle Lending Library, which unfortunately can’t be used on multiple devices…and I tend to read on my phone via the app just as much as I read on my actual Kindle, and am not always carrying my Kindle. I intend to get back into it soon, though — probably post-challenge.


      1. Heroes, Gods and Monsters of the Greek Myths sounds really interesting – I’ll have to check that one out as well!
        Beauty and the Beast film sounds really cool – I didn’t know about it. There’s a fake trailer on youtube – I got quite excited when I thought it was real at first!
        Towards the end Wool is a real page turner, I couldn’t put it down…. So enjoy!! 🙂

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  2. I love mythology too! I’ll have to check out the Percy Jackson series, since we have the same love of mythology and Once Upon a Time I’m sure I’ll enjoy it. One thing for you to try and get your hands on is the new Wonder Woman 52s from issues 1-35, they are very well written and it follows Wonder Woman as she battles Greek mythology figures 😀

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  3. Well, you know I love mythology! I think my favorite is still ancient Egyptian. I started getting into it back when we learned about Egypt in 6th grade and the more I’ve learned over the years the more I love it. You can dig down deep into it and just keep finding new amazing things.

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    1. Egyptian has been my favorite so far, too. I knew a little about it but didn’t really get familiar with it until I started reading Rick Riordan’s Kane Chronicles which then led me to read more Egyptian tales. I agree that it seems very rich and deep.


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