N is for Notebook

While I tend to be a digital notetaker, I do love to keep paper notebooks near me.

This is partly because I like to have a backup when technology fails, and partly because when it comes to touch-texting versus writing, writing is usually faster for me, and easier to format. If I don’t have access to a physical keyboard, and I’m choosing between taking notes on my phone versus paper, I’m usually going to pick paper. This tends to make notebooks my best friends for ideas on the go, like tracking my travels or jotting down a story idea. I especially love notebooks for lists. There’s something very satisfying about hand-formatting a great list. (I know, I’m a little weird and a bit OCD; you don’t have to remind me.)

I’m also not sure if it’s part of being a writer, or just my love of pretty things made of paper, but I’m drawn to notebooks. I tend to own far more than I can use at any given time. Don’t let me near the notebook aisle in Target; it’s too dangerous.

Regardless of how many I have, though, sometimes you just can’t resist. Like when we were in Italy, and my mother-in-law found a “Cartoleria” — or a book binding shop — where the owner still binds the notebooks by hand. I just couldn’t say no to that, and now I have new, beautiful notebooks.


How do you take notes? Do you prefer paper or a digital format?


7 thoughts on “N is for Notebook

  1. It’s officially the second half of A to Z. Time to catch that second wind, rest up on Sunday, then it’s that mad dash toward the finish line!

    Stephen Tremp
    A to Z Cohost
    N is for Numerology


  2. Those notebooks are gorgeous! I love stationary and I love the idea of analog notes, but I write too slowly for my liking and my hand writing is pretty shocking, so realistically digital notes are more suitable for me. Sadly.

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    1. Thanks, Celine! For any kind of serious writing, I’m definitely faster when typing, but I like to jot down to-do lists and other quick notes by hand. Sometimes it’s faster that way for me, although I’ve got to be careful not to lose them!


  3. I do both. For a quick note or list I often use my phone or iPod touch, but for journaling, fiction draft and the like I prefer a notebook if I don’t have access to my computer. I’ve become a digital drafter for the most part, but when I’m out and about, I love the feel of a good notebook and pen.

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    1. As do I. It’s usually whatever is most convenient and readily available at the time. 🙂 But I do love a notebook full of scrawly notes, even if I know I can type faster than I write, especially over a long period of time.


    1. Thanks for the note – hope you’re loving the A-Z Challenge. And yes, I understand the love of digital. I keep a ton of stuff that way, too, but occasionally love the feel of paper under a pen. 🙂


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